Jean-Marc CHOMAZ is a physicist/artist, former student of the École Normale Supérieure, Director of Research at the CNRS, Professor at the École polytechnique, and co-head, along with Samuel Bianchini, of the Chaire arts & sciences of the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation, the École polytechnique and the École nationale supérieure des Arts décoratifs - PSL. He co-founded the Hydrodynamics Laboratory of the École polytechnique (LadHyX) and co-directed it from 1990 to 2013. He also co-founded the LaSIPS Laboratory of Excellence of the University of Paris Saclay, which he co-directed from 2011 to 2019, and the Diagonale of the Paris- Saclay University. Appointed fellow of the American Physical Society in 2001 and EuroMech in 2018, he received the silver medal of the CNRS 2007 and the Grand Prix Ampère of the Académie des Sciences 2012. His research covers soap film dynamics, biomechanics, instability theory, vortex bursting, geophysical fluids, oceanography, climate and art & science since 1990. He has supervised or directed 30 theses and written more than 250 articles.

As an artist, he is the author of the installations "Un chemin qui chemine" and "Time Trace" in 2010, "Terra Bulla" in 2012, "Une solution au problème de raréfaction du Temps" and "Thousand shades of green" in 2019 and published the poetry series N56u3N4A in the journal Plastir in 2018. He cosigned various works with other artists such as Luminiferous drift in 2016 and EP=EPR in 2017 with Evelina Domnitch & Dmitry Gelfand, Absynth in 2018 and Catastrophe domestique n°3, planète laboratoire in 2012, Fleur de lys in 2009 with the HeHe duo and the Lost in Fathoms exhibition in 2014 with Anaïs Tondeur, Misty Way in 2015 and the Nephelographer in 2017 with Ana Rewakowicz and Camille Duprat, as well as the installation/performance "Transmutation de Base" in 2015 and "Streamlines" in 2016 with choreographer Aniara Rodado, with whom he is currently developing installations around plants. He is also the co-founder of the LABOFACTORY collective, along with the architect/designer Laurent Karst and the composer

Laurent KARST is an architect/designer, graduated from the Strasbourg School of Architecture and the Domus Academy in Milan in industrial design. Winner of the Villa Médicis prize in 1995 for research on the use of industrial waste, he then worked in various international architectural firms, including the Jean Nouvel agency.

At the same time, he developed, in collaboration with the architect Serge Eloire, a series of sculptures immersed in the sea "Amphitrite I" and a monumental cybernetic urban sculpture project for the Compagnie Parisienne de Chauffage Urbain "La Fontaine à vapeur du Gand Verre".

In 2006, he created Atelier 16 - architectures and developed small-scale architectural and design projects, with a particular focus on raw materials and their implementation, with a strong plastic and artistic footprint. As a design and architecture teacher at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Art de Dijon, he created in 2014 an art & science department to bring together art and science students and researchers from the Faculty of Sciences of Dijon. Co-founder of LABOFACTORY with the artist/physicist Jean-Marc Chomaz, he was a project manager at the Ecole Polytechnique from 2017 to 2019 and developed academic modules in art & science. At the same time, Laurent supported various start-up design projects carried out by the "X Novation" centre of the École Polytechnique.

Composer, orchestrator, researcher, Filippo FABBRI conceives the sound universe of films, theatre plays, contemporary art installations and events by focusing on the relationship between sound, space, body and mind. Born in 1980, he obtained a Bachelor of Computer Engineering in 2002 and a Masters in Systems Engineering in 2005 at La Sapienza University in Rome. He is particularly interested in micro-nanosystems and intelligent materials, obtaining in 2009 a doctorate in applied physics at the Laboratory of Condensed Matter Physics of the École Polytechnique and, subsequently, a doctorate in Systems Engineering at the 'La Sapienza University in Rome. At the same time, he completed his piano studies, he studied musical composition and orchestration at the H. Berlioz Conservatory in Paris, and advanced music writing and composition techniques at CRR93 d'Aubervilliers.


Maître de Conférences at the University Paris-Saclay since 2010, he carries out his research in the fields of nanosciences and, more recently, in the fields of sound-art and immersive technologies. His interests include intelligent (nano) materials, synaesthetic interaction, adaptive acoustics, spatialization, object-based audio, sonification, augmented reality and art-science. He works particularly in the fields of contemporary art, with numerous exhibitions and workshops in France and abroad (Cité Internationale des Arts, Maisons des Métallos, Center G. Pompidou, Parc Floral, Stubbins Gallery (Atlanta, GA ), Ruskin School of Art (Oxford), etc.), theater, dance and film. As a pianist, multi-instrumentalist and sound artist, he has performed at various events on the national and international scene. He founded and directs the Professional License in “Sound and Image Techniques” at the IUT de Cachan and he created the new professional recording, filming and post-production studio “STAR” (Audiovisual Systems, Technologies and Networks) of the University of Paris-Saclay. An active member of the Labofactory collective, he has co-created new immersive musical art-science installations, such as "Exoplanets", ‘‘WaterDrums’’ and ‘‘Sky’’. As a pianist, saxophonist and sound artist, he has performed in various ensembles and events.

Gregory LOUIS is a singer- songwriter and musical performer. Graduated from the Ecole Polytechnique and the Ecole Normale Supérieure des Télécommunications, he finally turned to music at the end of his studies and embarked on a prolific and multifaceted career. He writes and produces film music, but also works on many projects in the record industry. For the past fifteen years, he has collaborated with renowned artists in the French electronic music scene, including Guy-Manuel de Homem, Christo (Daft Punk), Eric Chedeville (Crydamoure), Romain Tranchart (Modjo), Guillaume Atlan (The supermen Lovers), with whom he writes and produces works. At the same time, he created and produced within his music group "ESSS", which he founded, various electro-pop sounding music and video pieces.

More recently, he has been collaborating with the Labofactory collective on the works "Sound Stream", "Unsolved Sun" and "Sky" presented in various events in Paris and Berlin and gathered in 2018 for the inaugural exhibition of the Chaire art et science "Nous ne sommes pas le nombre que nous croyons être" at the Cité des Arts de Paris. For "Sound Stream" he designed an analog interface between sound and optical waves and composed the sound score with the composer Augustin Viard. More recently, he co-composed the sound part of the installation/performance "Water Drums" in close connection with the sensory imprint and its symbolism of the sound and optical device. He regularly performs in duo with composer and researcher Filippo Fabbri, most recently in Atlanta in 2019.